About iRODS Consortium

The iRODS Consortium was created to ensure the sustainability of iRODS and to further its adoption and continued evolution. To this end, the Consortium works to standardize the definition, development, and release of iRODS-based data middleware technologies, evangelize iRODS among potential users, promote new advances in iRODS, and expand the adoption of iRODS-based data middleware technologies through the development, release, and support of an open-source, mission-critical, production-level distribution of iRODS.

The Consortium works with universities, research organizations, businesses, and government agencies to guide the continued development of iRODS, obtain funding to support that development, and broaden the iRODS user community. Consortium members receive a variety of benefits, including prioritized access to support, training, and consulting and the opportunity to influence the developmental roadmap of future software releases, thus providing both adopters and resellers of iRODS and other iRODS-based data middleware technologies a way to protect their investments.

The iRODS Consortium is operated at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by RENCI, a research institute of UNC, in partnership with the DICE Center. Consortium members provide governance through the Executive Board and influence roadmap decisions through the Planning Committee. The Technology Working Group is composed of Consortium staff and satellite teams contributed by member organizations. The Executive Director and Chief Technologist are located at RENCI.

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