News / 27 February 2013

E-iRODS Composable Resources

RENCI is attending the 2013 iRODS User Group Meeting in Garching, Germany this week.

The meeting is being hosted by the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP).

As part of the move to a plugin-based architecture, existing functionality in iRODS is being pulled into components which are written to a common interface. This architecture allows for a more flexible development model, more comprehensive testing, dynamic availability, and the composability of iRODS resources.

Our first presentation at the meeting is about Composable Resources which are scheduled to be included in our upcoming 3.0b3 release.

RENCI has developed composable resources for Enterprise iRODS (E-iRODS) which allow for shareable, flexible definitions of storage resources. Using a well-defined tree metaphor to describe composite resources provides insight into existing resources as well as a powerful tool for envisioning new resource configurations. Defined resources can be shared and iterated within the community easily as they are plugins, external from the E-iRODS core.

Paper (279kB, PDF)

Slides (321kB, PDF)

Poster (6.4MB, PDF)

Terrell Russell