News / 14 May 2013

E-iRODS 3.0 Release Candidate

RENCI is pleased to announce the first release candidate of the new E-iRODS distribution managed and overseen by the E-iRODS Consortium.

This release marks a continued progress towards our first full release which will be provided with documentation and backed by extensive unit, functional, and regression testing running continuously on RENCI's open infrastructure.

3.0rc1 includes all community bugfixes through iRODS 3.2 but is feature comparable with iRODS 3.0.

In addition, this release includes PAM authentication and new resource plugins usable with the Composable Resources included in the last beta, 3.0b3. These include a replication coordinating resource, a random coordinating resource, a nonblocking storage resource, a universalMSS storage resource, and a legacy compound resource. As this is release candidate software with powerful new functionality, please use it with care – it is not yet ready for production deployment.

This release includes packages that have been continuously tested on CentOS 5 and 6, SuSE 11 and 12, and Ubuntu 10 and 12.

E-iRODS Manual (3.0rc1), May 2013 (PDF, 180KB)

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Terrell Russell