News / 05 June 2013

E-iRODS 3.0 is released

RENCI is pleased to announce the first open source release of the new E-iRODS distribution managed and overseen by the iRODS Consortium.

This release marks the end of a long journey to provide a fully documented release backed by extensive unit, functional, and regression testing running continuously on RENCI's open infrastructure.

3.0 includes all community bugfixes through iRODS 3.2 but is feature comparable with iRODS 3.0 plus the addition of pluggable microservices and composable resources.

Development has focused on the following features and efforts:

  • Introduced pluggable interfaces for microservices and resources
  • Fixed an estimated 200 static analysis errors identified by cppcheck
  • Fixed an estimated 20 memory leaks identified by valgrind
  • Increased code coverage from 20% to over 56%
  • Continuously built and tested across 3 major linux distributions
  • Packaged for 3 major linux distributions

This release includes packages that have been continuously tested on CentOS 5 and 6, SuSE 11 and 12, and Ubuntu 10 and 12.

E-iRODS Manual (3.0), June 2013 (PDF, 307KB)

Please find the latest files available at

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Terrell Russell