News / 13 November 2013

E-iRODS 3.0.1 Beta 2 is released

RENCI is pleased to announce a second beta of the second open source release of E-iRODS, managed and overseen by the iRODS Consortium.

This release marks a significant step towards a full plugin architecture while remaining API compatible with the community iRODS releases.  We are committed to keeping Federation with community iRODS grids a first class use case.

3.0.1b2 includes all community bugfixes through iRODS 3.3.

The release notes include:

  • API Compatibility with Community iRODS for purposes of Federation
  • Met all US Export Control requirements for distribution
  • Introduced pluggable interface for networks
        - TCP
        - SSL
  • Introduced pluggable interface for authentication
        - Native iRODS password
        - OSAuth
        - GSI
        - PAM
        - Kerberos
        - LDAP (via PAM)
  • Additional coordinating resource plugins
        - Compound
        - Replication
  • Migration support for composable resources
        - Rebalance mechanism
        - Adding/removing child resources with existing data
        - itrim from child resources of replication resources
  • Full python-based testing framework
  • Certified against full Jargon test suite
  • Continuous integration testing via hudson
  • Continuous static analysis via cppcheck
  • Increased code coverage from \~50% to over 56%
  • Continuously built and tested across 3 major linux distributions
  • Packaged for 3 major linux distributions
  • Support for package upgrade via package manager

This release includes packages that have been tested on CentOS 5 and 6, SuSE 11 and 12, and Ubuntu 10 and 12.

E-iRODS Manual (3.0.1b2), Nov 2013 (PDF, 390KB)

Please find the latest files available at

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Terrell Russell