News / 26 August 2014

HPSS Resource Plugin v1.0 released

Just after releasing five bumped versions of plugins yesterday, today we are releasing v1.0 of the HPSS plugin.

This plugin can be used either as a first class resource or as an archive resource under a compound resource. Please note that bundle and structured file operations will not work in a first class configuration due to those operations making assumptions about an underlying POSIX interface.

A tested package for CentOS 6 can be found at

This package has been tested against HPSS 7.4.x with the full iRODS 4.0.3 testsuite.

Please confirm the checksums for the package(s) you download before installing.

The code is open source and available, along with a README:

As always, please contact if you have any questions.

Terrell Russell