News / 25 September 2014

Around the World in 8 Days

I recently had the opportunity to talk about iRODS in London and Shenzhen. The timing worked out juuust right, so I was able to make both meetings while flying east the whole time.

The trip started out with a joint iRODS-DDN User Group Meeting at University College London. We discussed iRODS integration with DDN hardware, the Consortium vision for grid configuration management, and use cases from University College London, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, University of Florida, the iPlant Collaborative, and Public Health England. Presentations from the event are available here.

From London, I traveled to Shenzhen for the International Conference on Genomics. It was fascinating to listen to talks on topics ranging from biobanking to microbiota of the digestive tract to the publication of genomics data sets. I presented on our recent initiative to create a reference implementation for next generation sequencing. (Slides here.) I'm seeking input from iRODS users and life sciences researchers! Please contact me.

ICG-9 was followed by a day of touring BGI and the China National GeneBank, which is set to bring 500 PB of genomics data storage online over the next couple years. Impressive is an understatement.

And then, a day later, I was back home from a very informative, very productive trip.

Dan Bedard