News / 20 January 2015

Database plugins v1.4 for iRODS 4.0.3 released

The iRODS database plugins (currently PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle) have been released and marked as v1.4. This is a minor update that addresses a few Oracle-specific bugs and one data-loss bug affecting metadata after an administrator runs `irmtrash`. This data-loss bug is silent in that it could affect a random data object by deleting all of its metadata due to an uninitialized objectID on the stack. This bug was found with Valgrind.

These plugins are compatible with iRODS 4.0.3 and offer the following updates:

Tested packages for Ubuntu 10, 12 and CentOS 6 can be found at the following location:

Please confirm the checksums for the package(s) you download before installing.

As always, please contact if you have any questions.

Terrell Russell