News / 10 May 2017

UGM2017: Accepted talks are posted

The accepted talks have been posted for the iRODS User Group Meeting 2017, to be held in Utrecht, Netherlands from June 13-15, 2017.

We currently have 19 talks spanning national and international infrastructure projects, radio telescopes, crop science, and powerful integrations with other technologies.

Abstracts can be found on the UGM 2017 Site - Register Now!

  • QueryArrow: Semantically Unified Query and Update of Heterogeneous Data Stores

    Hao Xu, Ben Keller, Antoine de Torcy and Jason Coposky

    RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill

  • Neuroimaging Research Data Life-cycle Management

    Hurng-Chun Lee, Robert Oostenveld, Erik van den Boogert and Eric Maris

    Donders Institute, Radboud University; Karolinska Institute

  • R-iRODS: Platform Independent R Package Connecting Open Source Data Management Software In association with iMetaExploreR: iRODS Metadata Explorer Shiny Application at Bayer Crop Science

    Christian Bitter, Thomas Schilling, Navya Ananta Yashasri Dabbiru, Tarun Panwar, Kumar Gauraw and Sushil Kumar Shakya

    Bayer Crop Science, Tata Consultancy Services

  • Using iRODS in Sugar deployments

    Tony Anderson

  • iRODS user empowerment, a matter of "Sudo" microservices

    Chris Smeele and Ton Smeele

    Utrecht University

  • A national approach for storage scale-out scenarios based on iRODS

    Christine Staiger, Ton Smeele and Rob van Schip

    SURFsara and Utrecht University

  • Maastricht UMC+ DataHub: designing an institutional research data management infrastructure for the life sciences

    Paul van Schayck, Maarten Coonen, Daniel Theunissen, Pascal Suppers, Raimond Ravelli and Benjamin Balluff

    Maastricht University

  • FAIR Sequencing Data Repository based on iRODS

    Felipe Gutierrez, Paul Geest, Aldo Jongejan, Diogo Patrao, Antoine van Kampen, Sjoerd Repping, Hans den Berg and Silvia Olabarriaga

    Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam

  • iRODS functionality within the Grassroots Infrastructure

    Simon Tyrrell, Xingdong Bian and Robert P. Davey

    Earlham Institute, UK

  • iRODS workflows for the data management in the EUDAT pan-European infrastructure

    Claudio Cacciari, Robert Verkerk, Adil Hasan, Javier Quinteros and Julia Kaufhold


  • The Apertif Long Term Archive

    Hanno Holties, Erwin Platen, Gijs Noorlander, Nico Vermaas and Roy de Goei

    ASTRON, S&T, KxA

  • Real-Time Data Management in iRODS

    Arcot Rajasekar, John Orcutt and Frank Vernon

    UNC-Chapel Hill, UC-San Diego

  • Provisioning Flexible and High Available iRODS-based Data Services at Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change

    Marco Mancini, Alessandro Raolil, Giuseppe Calò and Giovanni Aloisio

    Fondazione CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

  • Swedish National Storage Infrastructure for Academic Research with iRODS

    Ilari Korhonen and Dejan Vitlacil

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Distributing the iRODS Catalog: A Way Forward

    Michael Stealey, Terrell Russell, Jason Coposky, Claris Castillo, Ray Idaszak, Benjamin Keller and Alex Feltus

    RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill, Clemson University

  • Building a Dutch Research Data Infrastructure

    Frank Heere


  • Building Data Systems with iRODS and Golang

    John Jacquay and Aaron Gardner


  • A Converged, Fault Tolerant, Distributed Parallel Architecture for iRODS

    Aaron Gardner, John Jacquay, Alex Oumantsev and Markus Dittrich


  • iRODS Impact on Science and Data Management

    Ashok Krishnamurthy and Kira Bradford

    UNC-Chapel Hill

Terrell Russell