News / 30 June 2017

iRODS Development Update: June 2017

June went by very quickly. We spent time in the Netherlands and Germany and finally released some software.

User Group Meeting 2017

The 2017 iRODS User Group Meeting in Utrecht was a great success. The talk abstracts, slides, and videos will be posted online as soon as they are ready. We are actively working on the proceedings and will have them available for printing from Amazon and for download as PDF.

ISC 2017

After the Netherlands, we attended the International Supercomputing HPC conference (ISC-HPC) in Frankfurt, Germany. Expect a couple new announcements from our discussions (and new friends) there.

Release of iRODS 4.2.1 and the Python Rule Engine Plugin

In the run up to UGM2017, and since our training depended on it, we were able to release iRODS 4.2.1 and the Python Rule Engine Plugin just before boarding the plane. Everything went very smoothly with the push to our APT and YUM repositories. Look forward to more frequent updates in the coming months.

Terrell Russell