News / 31 July 2017

iRODS Development Update: July 2017

We have been working hard to solidify a few things - and we've had a couple good ideas that may prove important as we head into planning for All Things Open in October and Supercomputing2017 in November.


We are planning to continue writing and telling stories around some best practices and usage patterns that we see in the wild. However, in addition, the iRODS Consortium will begin packaging small bits of software that address some of these particular patterns.

The first will probably involve the 'Landing Zone' pattern, originally drawn as part of the Data to Compute use case. We plan to use a combination of python functions, our upcoming ingest tool, and the Python Rule Engine Plugin.

After that, we hope to create some metadata extraction packages for different domains including genomics, microscopy, and GIS systems.

If there are other things that you would find helpful, please let us know.

July Technology Working Group

New Packaging Working Group

We are looking to convene a new working group around best practices regarding packaging.

We currently package our entire build chain (see, the iRODS software itself, as well as a variety of plugins, all across two major Linux distributions.

We want to make sure these packages are both what the community needs and expects, and we need a good process to ensure this is the case and continues to be the case going forward.

Details will be shared soon. Please join us if you have opinions, or if you just want to know more about what we already have built.

Terrell Russell