News / 31 August 2017

iRODS Development Update: August 2017

August has been a blur. We have been transferring our testing knowledge from Ben to Jaspreet as fast as possible - and we have a new reason to hurry. Ben is leaving the iRODS development team and taking a new job at Google. He has had a large impact on both the code and the culture of iRODS for the last few years. We wish him the best.

We also held TRiRODS this month with Mike Conway talking about Jargon and working at the mid-tier and Antoine de Torcy talking about his work with the PRC and the Python Ingest Tool (demoing distributed ingest via Redis). Those videos should be up soon.


From last month's update, we are working towards packaging our "one-pagers" into released software that can be installed and configured to meet the most common patterns we've seen in iRODS deployments around the world.

The first will be the "Landing Zone". The second will be "Tiering". Please look into the new, flexible, metadata-driven tiering code now resident in the advanced irods_training repository. This is very exciting work and brings enterprise-class, hands-free tiering down to the price of a few configuration text files.

August Technology Working Group

Upcoming Working Groups

  • Packaging (community standards, externals)

  • Access and Modify Time (per data object, not physical file)

Terrell Russell