News / 28 September 2017

iRODS Development Update: September 2017

We have made some steady progress this month and picked up some new projects. The loose ends around 4.1.11 are being tied up.

Additionally, we have started synchronizing the work across the Python iRODS Client to Python Ingest Tool to the Landing Zone package we hope to demo soon. This will be the first of our packaged capabilities (we've identified 8 so far). We are beginning the work to package the tiering code first demonstrated last month. We have ported the Ceph RADOS plugin to 4.2 and are picking up work on the multipart transfers again.

We have development code for a CockroachDB database plugin that we hope will open a new era of global-spanning iRODS namespaces. Performance testing will begin as soon as it compiles and installs.

We'll be at All Things Open again next month and SC17 in November. RSVP for our SC17 iRODS Workshop today!

If you have interest in any or all of the work we're doing - please reach out. This is open source and is driven by community feedback!

September Technology Working Group

Upcoming Working Groups

  • Packaging (community standards, externals)

Terrell Russell