News / 30 April 2018

iRODS Development Update: April 2018

The proofs-of-concept have come together. The plugins are green in CI. A release is imminent.

This month has been a lot of tying up loose ends as we prepare for the iRODS User Group Meeting in Durham, NC (June 5-7, 2018).

We're going to announce the agenda within the next week and begin preparing our own presentations and demos. There is a lot to share and to show.

April Technology Working Group

  • 4.1.12

    We are so very close now. If we get the logging done well, we are aiming for this to be the last 4.1.x release.

  • 4.2.3

    The last of the plugins are coming online now - we'll release as soon as possible. Outstanding issues will be moved to a 4.2.4 milestone.

  • 4.3.0

    Not as much focus here at this time. We port all bugfixes back and all features forward. So the work above is going into the master branch as well.

  • Fourth Metalnx Working Group

    Hosted on April 16. The domains have been transfered to the iRODS Consortium, website updates soon. The branches are merged, and a v2.0.0 release will occur before the iRODS User Group Meeting in June.

  • Active Development Work

  • Ongoing Items

  • Lazlo Westerhof (Utrecht)

    • pep_api_exec_cmd_pre is not called before msiExecCmd is executed
    • fix is ready, going through CI
    • alternative faster fix… microservice plugin, or generate engineering build
  • Kyle Ferriter (RENCI)

  • Othmar Weber (Bayer)

    • Cloud-Compatible iRODS Architecture Discussion
    • regarding open-routing expectation of iRODS servers
    • possible data DMZ, other considerations for point-to-point connections
    • possibly via multipart "topology resolution"
    • will create for this architecture use case
  • S3 frontend presentation of iRODS

  • Compliance Capability Discussion

    • examples: FAIR, GDPR
    • suggest other use cases
  • Provenance Capability Discussion

  • Boilerplate for iRODS, history and consortium sustainability for proposal writing

    • Nirav will take first pass, could get it onto the iRODS website

Terrell Russell