News / 11 May 2018

UGM2018: Accepted talks are posted

The accepted talks have been posted for the iRODS User Group Meeting 2018, to be held in Durham, NC from June 5-7, 2018.

We currently have 21 talks spanning national and international infrastructure projects, brain imaging, hydrology, and new iRODS capabilities and plugins.

Abstracts can be found on the UGM 2018 Site - Register Now!

  • Using iRODS to manage, share and publish research data: Yoda

    Ton Smeele and Lazlo Westerhof

    Utrecht University

  • Towards A Parallel and Restartable Data Transfer Mechanism in iRODS

    Zoey Greer, Jason Coposky, Terrell Russell, and Hao Xu

    iRODS Consortium, RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill

  • High-ish Availability Genomics at Wellcome Sanger Institute

    John Constable

    Wellcome Sanger Institute

  • Wellcome Sanger Institute iRODS Deployment seven years on

    John Constable

    Wellcome Sanger Institute

  • Data archiving in iRODS

    Matthew Saum, Arthur Newton, and Christine Staiger


  • Implementing a Storage Abstraction Service with iRODS

    Jordan de La Houssaye

    BnF, Bibliothèque nationale de France

  • Deployment of a national research data grid powered by iRODS

    Ilari Korhonen

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • The NIEHS Data Commons

    Mike Conway


  • Discovery Environment and UNC's Implementation of a Community Edition

    Don Sizemore, Tony Edgin, and Mike Conway

    Odum Institute, UNC Chapel Hill; CyVerse; NIEHS/NIH

  • FAIR data management and Disqoverability

    Maarten Coonen, Paul van Schayck, Daniel Theunissen, and Pascal Suppers

    Maastricht University

  • Metalnx 2.0 - The Future of Metalnx

    Stephen Worth, Terrell Russell, and Mike Conway

    WorthWize Consulting; iRODS Consortium, RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill; Himself

  • The Brain Image Library

    Derek Simmel

    Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Integrating Scale-Out NAS into an iRODS Data Fabric

    Paul Evans


  • HydroShare and iRODS: How iRODS Manages Data for a Hydrology Community of 1000's of Users

    Ray Idaszak, David G. Tarboton, Hong Yi, Chris Calloway, Shaowen Wang, Jeffery Horsburgh, Dan Ames, Martyn Clark, Jon Goodall, Alva Couch, Tony Castronova, Christina Bandaragoda, Martin Seul, Mark Henderson, Phuong Doan

    RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill; Utah State University; University of Illinois; Brigham Young University; National Center for Atmospheric Research; University of Virginia; Tufts University; Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.; University of Washington

  • iRODS Automated Ingest, Storage Tiering Framework and Data Virtualization Capabilities for Clinical Data Management, Instrument data lifecycle management and Archiving data

    Masilamani Subramanyam and Szymon Arkuszewski

    Integration Competency Center, Genentech; Solution Delivery R&D, Roche Molecular Systems

  • iRODS Capability: Storage Tiering

    Jason Coposky and Terrell Russell

    iRODS Consortium, RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill

  • iRODS Capability: Automated Ingest

    Terrell Russell, Hao Xu, and Antoine de Torcy

    iRODS Consortium, RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill

  • A Pilot of iRODS for Managing Next Generation Sequencing Data

    Todd Moughamer


  • iRODS in the Cloud: SciDAS and NIH Data Commons

    Claris Castillo

    RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill

  • OpenID Connect Authentication in iRODS

    Kyle Ferriter

    RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill

  • iRODS Usage at CC-IN2P3/CNRS

    Yonny Cardenas


Terrell Russell