News / 31 August 2018

iRODS Development Update: August 2018

The pace has picked up and we're moving towards a final 4.1.12 release, a 4.2.4 release, and progress towards 4.3.0.

The work we've been doing on Automated Ingest and a Sync Policy Example are taking shape as new releases as well. The Automated Ingest Framework has been ported to Celery and has been demonstrated to scan over 5 Million files cleanly and quickly. The flexibility it affords, along with the powerful features of the iRODS Rule Engine make it an easy decision for at least two organizations that we hope will be joining the iRODS Consortium soon. At least one of them has been using a commercial solution for a while but found that iRODS and the Automated Ingest Framework provide a compelling alternative.

Our intern, Alex Mieczkowski, completed his summer's work of presenting iRODS over the NFS4 protocol (via NFS4J and Jargon). We will be releasing that supported project soon.

The final touches are going into a post about the GenQuery iterator for the Python Rule Engine Plugin. It should be out within the next week.

To prepare for 4.3.0, we now have pull requests posted for clang-format, C++17 compatibility, the new logger (using spdlog), and the integration of a unit test framework (Catch2).

We have a busy fall ahead of us. We are preparing for engagements with life sciences companies on both US coasts, training in Spain, SuperComputing18 in Dallas, and events in South Africa and Australia before the end of the year.

August Technology Working Group

Terrell Russell