News / 31 October 2018

iRODS Development Update: October 2018

October was very quick. We've had presence at converences and meetings around the world and will be in Dallas for SC18 in a couple weeks. Please register for our Workshop if you'll be in town.

Work on 4.1.12 is complete. We expect to release within a day or so once the tests pass with the committed code.

Look for a 4.2.5 release soon as it will hold new functionality for NFSRODS as well as new work to support exception handling in the policy engine ('_except' PEPs).

Automated Ingest v0.3.3 was released with SSL support.

Our move from vSphere to Docker is making progress. We have a first pass at a standalone Jenkins container that can build and test iRODS code. It has been demonstrated to pass our entire suite in 25 minutes (down from ~8 hours in our current CI).

October Technology Working Group

Terrell Russell