News / 28 February 2019

iRODS Development Update: February 2019

The labor of the last few months is paying off. We've shipped 4.2.5, along with eight plugins for compatibility. We're nearing releases for Metalnx and Cloudbrowser. NFSRODS required 4.2.5 before it could be released, and so we're preparing that now as well.

TRiRODS was held on February 20th, hosted by RENCI here in Chapel Hill, NC. In the first talk, the new irods::filesystem and irods::iostreams libraries were introduced and explained. Along with the irods::connection_pool and irods::thread_pool work, a new iput prototype was demonstrated to be up to 11x faster for moving many small files into iRODS. The cacheless s3 plugin was introduced and provides a seamless POSIX interface in front of object storage (local or remote).

Also included in 4.2.5 is a new GenQuery iterator (both for C++ and Python) that makes interacting with the catalog and working with result sets much simpler and less error prone.

The 4-2-stable rewrite of the irodsReServer is complete, and shipped with 4.2.5. It no longer blocks the delay queue with a long-running job, and it will work continuously through as many jobs as it can that are ready to be processed. We have seen more than 100k jobs get processed in under four minutes in local bench testing.

February Technology Working Group

  • 4.2.6

    • 84 issues open, 53 bugs
  • 4.3.0

    • 113 issues open, 48 bugs
    • clang6, cmake3.11
    • c++17
    • genQuery iterator
    • new logger
    • irods::filesystem
    • irods::iostreams
    • clang format
    • irodsDelayServer
  • Active Development Work

  • Background Items

Terrell Russell