News / 19 April 2019

Metalnx 2.0.0 is released

In coordination with our partners at the NIEHS, the iRODS Consortium is pleased to announce the release of Metalnx 2.0.0.

It has been tagged at GitHub and pushed to Docker Hub.

This is the first Consortium software release to support Docker directly, so please let us know if you have some best practices that we haven't observed. We'd very much like to iron out a solid process as we have a few other things to release this way in the near future.

Thank you to Steve Worth and Mike Conway for their work to get Metalnx accepted by the Consortium and ready for release. This was originally an EMC project that was open sourced and contributed to the Consortium during the Dell EMC merger in 2016.

Help us make it even better!

Terrell Russell