News / 03 June 2021

Python iRODS Client v1.0.0 is released

In a quick follow-up to last month's v0.9.0 release... the iRODS Consortium is pleased to release v1.0.0 of the Python iRODS Client.

The original implementation was by Chris LaRose and Michael Gatto at the iPlant Collaborative (now known as CyVerse) in 2013.

The library was contributed in mid-2014 to the newly established iRODS Consortium and was taken over by Antoine de Torcy.  Antoine brought the library up to PyPI standards with modern packaging and maintained it through v0.7.0.

Daniel Moore then took the reins in 2018 and has shepherded the code from v0.8.0 to today.

Thanks to everyone who has made this library more flexible and useful over the years.

Terrell Russell