News / 06 December 2021

Emagine IT joins the iRODS Consortium

Collaboration points to critical role of data management in advancing cybersecurity

Emagine IT (EIT) has joined the iRODS Consortium, the membership-based foundation that leads development and support of the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS). In becoming the Consortium's latest member, EIT brings a cybersecurity lens to driving data management solutions in collaboration with the broader iRODS community.

EIT provides IT modernization, cybersecurity, and full lifecycle IT services to the public and private sectors. Ensuring security and regulatory compliance for disparate confidential and personal data types poses complex challenges, making data management innovation a crucial part of EIT's business.

"The recent ransomware attacks across the globe speak to the universal importance of secure data management at the intersection of IT operations and cybersecurity," said Aaron Pendola, director of Health IT at EIT. "EIT believes iRODS has a unique capability to solve complex data challenges related to cybersecurity."

For instance, EIT can use iRODS to advance common data standards and terminologies, helping to overcome some of the fragmentation that has historically hindered the development of cohesive, global cybersecurity solutions. Open-source software, such as iRODS, is at the forefront of technology innovation. While the idea may seem counterintuitive, Pendola says that open-source models are well positioned to improve data privacy and security by helping users and partners anticipate how technology will evolve.

"We fully recognize how open-source technologies like iRODS have led to profound mission impacts across the industries we serve," said Pendola. "We are excited to participate in the continuous improvement of iRODS driving its evolution and enhancements by virtue of the open-source, collaborative consortium model."

The iRODS Consortium is a membership-based organization that guides development and support of iRODS as free open-source software for data discovery, workflow automation, secure collaboration, and data virtualization. The iRODS Consortium provides a production-ready distribution and professional integration services, training, and support. The consortium is administered by founding member RENCI, a research institute for applications of cyberinfrastructure located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

"Emagine IT's focus on federal, state and local, and commercial contracts with expertise in cybersecurity and IT modernization adds a new element to our membership," said Terrell Russell, interim executive director of the iRODS Consortium. "We are excited to welcome them to the community and look forward to new collaborations."

In addition to EIT, current iRODS Consortium members include Agriculture Victoria, Bayer, Bibiothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, CINES, CUBI at Berlin Institute of Health, DataDirect Networks, KU Leuven, Maastricht University, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute at the University of Minnesota, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NetApp, OpenIO, RENCI, SoftIron, the SURF cooperative, the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing, Texas Advanced Computing Center, University College London, University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Groningen, Utrecht University, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Western Digital, and five organizations that wish to remain anonymous.

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Anne Johnson