News / 10 June 2023

Thank You, Dave Fellinger

Dave was a walking Rolodex of players in the HPC and data storage industry. He knew and was known by everyone. He approached his tasks classically: with handshakes and substantive conversation, by developing relationships over time, and knowing names, faces, and each one's business need.

During his last few years at DDN, and the seven years since his retirement, he worked with the iRODS Consortium to help spread the word about open source data management. He generously shared his many long-time friends around the globe and opened numerous opportunities, including on recent trips to Japan and Germany in May. He was on top of the world visiting his American Airlines lounges and Hilton lobbies and will be missed tremendously.

Time is our most precious resource, and we are grateful he gave so much of his to us.


Dave had over three decades of engineering and research experience including film systems, video processing devices, ASIC design and development, GaAs semiconductor manufacture, RAID and storage systems, and file systems. He has been awarded patents in video processing, pattern recognition, motion control, data manipulation, and file systems.

Dave worked as Chief Scientist of DataDirect Networks, Inc., where he focused on building an intellectual property portfolio and represented the company to conferences with a storage focus worldwide. Dave was a Data Scientist with the iRODS Consortium. In this role he worked with users in research sites to assure that the functions and features of iRODS enable fully automated data management through data ingestion, security, maintenance, and distribution. Dave also served on the External Advisory Board of the DataNet Federation Consortium and was a member of the founding board of the iRODS Consortium.

In his retirement Dave enjoyed cooking and worldwide travel. He never gave up his love of technology.

Terrell Russell