iRODS User Group Meeting 2014

The 6th annual iRODS User Group Meeting was held June 18th-19th, 2014 at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Thank you to all who attended; the meeting was a terrific success! More than 70 participants from 6 different countries attended.

Presentation materials from the meeting are available below.

Title Speaker
Updates on 3.3.1 (security options) Wayne Schroeder, DICE
iRODS 4.0 and Beyond Jason Coposky, RENCI
iRODS 4.0 - Build and Test Terrell Russell, RENCI
REST, iDROP Web Mike Conway, DICE
Workflows Arcot Rajasekar, DICE
iRODS Rule Engine Hao Xu, DICE
iRODS Consortium Brand Fortner, RENCI
Dataverse with Data Tags: Sharing Data You Can’t Share Mercè Crosas & Michael Bar-Sinai, IQSS, Harvard
iRODS DataVerse Integration Jonathan Crabtree, UNC
NASA Use Case Glenn Tamkin, NASA
DDN Use Case David Martin, DDN
Development of the iRODS-RADOS resource plugin Matthias Grawinkel, Universität Mainz
UNC CH Research Results - Policies within iRODS data grids Jewel Ward, UNC - CH
Developing iRODS-based Archival Technologies Paul Watry & John Harrison, University of Liverpool | John Burns, AAS
Use Case, French National Digital Lib. Thomas Ledoux, French National Digital Library
Data Intensive processing with iRODS and the middleware CiGri for the Whisper project Xavier Briand, ISTerre, & Bruno Bzeznik, Universite Joseph Fourier
iRODS at CC-IN2P3: managing petabytes of data Jean-Yves Nief, CC-IN2P3
A National Data Management System based on iRODS in the French National Grid Initiative Catherine Biscarat, CNRS
myiRODS Michael Wan,
Research Data Management using iRODS in the EUDAT Infrastructure Johannes Reetz, RZG/MPS
Tutorials: Clients & Rules Mike Conway, & Hao Xu, DICE