Logo Usage Guidelines

iRODS and its associated logos (together "iRODS Marks") are trademarks of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("University") for its Renaissance Computing Institute. You may only use iRODS Marks consistent with the following guidelines. Persons or organizations that are not Consortium Members or Partners shall not use the iRODS Marks in connection with any product, service, or commercial advertising without express written consent from the University.

iRODS Marks include:

Teal-Grey (preferred)
Grey Only
Teal Only
White Only

General Guidelines for use of the iRODS Marks:
  • Do not present iRODS Marks in a manner that suggests iRODS Consortium or University sponsorship, endorsement, false association or approval of a product, application, or service.
  • Do not use iRODS Marks to misrepresent your product or application's compatibility with the iRODS technology or to mislead consumers in any way.
  • Your organization's name or marks must appear on any materials, advertisements or websites on which iRODS Marks are used, and iRODS Marks must be displayed less prominently (in a size smaller) than your own marks.
  • Do not use the name "iRODS" as part of the name of your product, application, or service.
  • Do not alter the iRODS Marks in any way.
  • Do not add words, images or other graphics to the iRODS Marks.
  • Do not distort the aspect ratio or proportions of the iRODS Marks.
  • Do not modify the colors of the iRODS Marks.
    • "Teal" - Pantone Solid Uncoated - 3265 U
    • "Grey" - Pantone Solid Uncoated - Black 6 U

Any use of the iRODS Marks must include the registered ® symbol. Consistent with these guidelines, you may:
  • When accurate, describe your product or application with one of the following phrases or an agreed upon comparable phrase: "compatible with iRODS technology," "supports iRODS technology," "powered by iRODS", or "incorporating iRODS source code."
  • Post or provide a link to the iRODS website, https://irods.org.
  • Use iRODS Marks in noncommercial educational presentations or community building activities.
  • Describe your company's affiliation with the iRODS Consortium in a factual manner.

The University reserves the right to review all materials bearing the iRODS Marks, and you must comply with all requests from the University to correct any instances in which your use of the iRODS Marks is inconsistent with these guidelines or the University's mission, as judged by the University. If you would like to use any of the iRODS Marks in a way that is not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at: info@irods.org.