iRODS User Group Meeting 2011

RENCI at UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
February 17 - February 18, 2011


Thursday, February 17

8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM New Features - Database Resources [slides]
Wayne Schroeder, DICE
9:20 AM New Features - XMessage System [slides]
Arcot Rajasekar, DICE
9:40 AM New Features - Connection Control and Monitoring System [slides]
Mike Wan, DICE
10:00 AM New Features - DDN WOS Driver [slides]
Mike Wan, DICE
10:20 AM New Features - SQL-Based Queries (Specific Queries) [slides]
Wayne Schroeder, DICE
10:50 AM New Features - Rule Engine Updates [slides]
Hao Xu, DICE
11:30 AM New Features - Jargon Overview and Shibboleth [slides] [slides]
Mike Conway, DICE
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM WOS and iRODS Data Grid [slides]
Dave Fellinger, Data Direct Networks (DDN)
1:30 PM iRODS@RENCI [slides] [paper]
Leesa Brieger, Jason Coposky, RENCI
2:00 PM Federated Observational and Simulation Data in the NASA Center for Climate Simulation Data Management System Project [slides] [paper]
John Schnase (Office of Computational and Information Science and Technology), Glen Tamkin, David Fladung, Scott Sinno, Roger Gill (NASA Center for Climate Simulation), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2:30 PM iRODS and the Research Data Working Group: Selected Case Studies [slides] [paper]
Howard Lander, RENCI
3:00 PM Genomic Data Processing Pipelines
Charles Schmitt, RENCI
3:30 PM Virtualization of Workflows for Data Intensive Computation [slides] [paper]
Sreekanth Pothanis (Center for Computation and Technology, Louisiana State University), Arcot Rajasekar, Reagan Moore (UNC-Chapel Hill)
4:00 PM Carolina Digital Repository [slides]
Gregory Jansen, UNC-Chapel Hill
4:30 PM Lifetime Library - iDrop iRODS Client Interface [slides] [paper]
Terrell Russell, Michael Conway, Daniel Beaver-Seitz, Frederic Stutzman, Gary Marchionini, UNC-Chapel Hill

Friday, February 18

9:00 AM First iRODS Experience in a Neutrino Experiment [paper]
F. di Lodovico (Queen Mary University of London), A. Hasan (University of Liverpool), Y. Iida, T. Sasaki (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization - KEK)
9:30 AM Development of iDrop Interface, web Admin, SOAP, and REST using dynamic scripting languages (Groovy) with Jargon [slides] [paper]
Mike Conway, DICE
10:00 AM Demonstration of Policy Reification in iRODS [slides] [paper]
Antoine de Torcy, Mike Conway, DICE
10:30 AM CineGrid Exchange: Global Networked Testbed for Distributed Media Management and Preservation [slides]
Shaofeng Liu (UCSD/CSE), Jurgen Schulz (UCSD/Calit2), Laurin Herr (Pacific Interface), presented by Jeffrey Weekley (MOVES Inst.)
11:00 AM iRODS@RENCI: Red Hat Fedora as a model for iRODS Community Architecture [slides]
Ray Idaszak, RENCI
11:30 AM Classifying Implemented Policies and Identifying Factors in Machine-Level Policy Sharing within the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) [slides] [paper] [IRB]
Jewel Ward, UNC-Chapel Hill
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM User Supported Clients
Reagan Moore, DICE
2:00 PM User Feature Requests [spreadsheet]
Reagan Moore, DICE
2:30 PM Prioritization of Development Activities
Reagan Moore, DICE
3:00 PM Q&A Session
Reagan Moore, DICE